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Final thoughts...

I wanted to show the other side of the bedroom of the bachelor pad and what it looked like before so you can get a look at the complete transformation. (Just ignore the rumpled sheets please!) The bachelor says it's his favorite part of the apartment and probably because there wasn't much in it before but the bed. Now it's a cozy and comfy refuge from the stress and strain of the city. I'm sure some negative nelly will say that blue was a cliche color for a bedroom but it is the most relaxing color and does help promote sleep. I also knew that I wanted it to be a little less masculine than the living room since he was said he was closer to settling down. (We all know now that was a little bit of wishful thinking.) I do owe a big thank you to his mother for generously buying all the new sheets and pillows! Of course, she said it was his Christmas present but if she's anything like my mother, she'll probably forget by then!

All in all, it was a good first project. The bachelor once said that I would never have another client like him since he liked everything I showed him and pretty much let me do what I wanted and he was right. It also made me realize that I love styling and shopping for the art and accessories. I just heard last week that one woman just goes shopping for design projects. I may just have to look into that! Sounds like my dream job!

Bedroom Before


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