Geri Halliwell Tattoos

Geri Halliwell is a wonderful British singer-songwriter, author and actress, best known as a member of the pop group the Spice Girls, under the nickname Ginger Spice.

Geri Halliwell has two tattoos on her body, including a star at the top of her back, just below her neck.

Her other tattoo is of a black panther and is located in the center of her lower back, however Geri Halliwell has since had this tattoo removed.

Sammy Hagar Tattoos

Sammy Hagar is a great American rock singer/guitarist, best known for his work with the rock group Van Halen and Montrose.

Sammy Hagar has two tattoos which we know of, one design on each bicep, including a circular picture of a Mexico sunset with the word "Cabo Wabo" which is the name of his club in Mexico.

The tattoo on his right bicep is rather difficult to make out clearly, however it appears to resemble a torch of some sort.

Jake Gyllenhaal Tattoos

Jake Gyllenhaal is a wonderful American actor, known for his role in such films as Donnie Darko and Jarhead.

Jake Gyllenhaal has been spotted with a couple of tattoos lately, including a Pittsburgh Steelers team helmet, and a line of old english variant letters.

However both of these tattoos are believed to be 100 percent fake.

Priscila Nascimento, reprodução de Laura Costa, 194

Essa é minha segunda tattoo. Assim como a primeira, ela foi feita em novembro de 2009 pelo Tino do Led's Tattoo, um cara super gente boa, experiente e talentosíssimo! Pedi a reprodução desse postal da ilustradora Laura Costa, que faz parte de uma série de postais com imagens de trajes típicos de diferentes regiões de Portugal e de países que falam português. A série pode ser vista nesse link.

Escolhi a imagem que representa a Ilha da Madeira, pois minha família, por parte de pai e de mãe, nasceu lá. A tattoo foi concluída em duas sessões. Na primeira foi feito somente o contorno e, na segunda, o preenchimento. Na minha opinião, o trabalho se destaca pelo grau de detalhe que o artista conseguiu reproduzir. Trabalho muito caprichado, que valeu cada centavo e a dor (que descobri ser suportável!). Esse foi o primeiro passo de um projeto de fazer três imagens femininas que representam minha história e constituem quem eu me tornei. Não vou adiantar as próximas, mas pode deixar que mando fotos quando elas estiverem prontas!

Espero que tenham se interessado pela história!
Grata pelo espaço."

Priscila Nascimento

Icons by an Icon

I love how in New York the art isn't always confined to the museums and galleries. Tod’s commissioned the famed photographer Elliott Erwitt to shoot 22 prominent families for its new exhibition called Icons by an Icon. It's also another example of what I like to call stealth marketing. Each photo contains a pair of Tods shoes or a bag but the photos are more about presenting a lifestyle than hitting you over the head with the product which I quite prefer. No word yet if they will be bound into a book like the Italian's photographed for Italian Touch but you can view them at the Tod's boutique on Madison right now. Enjoy!

Photos by Elliott Erwitt for Tod's

Reader Request

I had a reader email me today asking about durable white fabrics that will stand up to dogs. She wants to decorate her home in white with blue accents which made me think of this beautiful home on Nantucket designed by Victoria Hagan. While white looks great, it can be difficult to keep clean in summer homes and those with pets and sticky fingered children so if you absolutely have to have white upholstery, try outdoor fabrics. They are designed to repel stains, water and mildew. This usually makes them feel like sandpaper but Rogers & Goffigan makes a really lovely line of softer feeling outdoor fabrics under their line DeLany & Long. I'm not a fan of slip covers but I do love zip off cushion covers that can be removed for cleaning and advise my clients to order extra sets. If one set is dirty, you can easily zip on a new set. It's also nice to have extra seat cushion covers since they take the most wear and tear on chairs and sofas. Too bad it's not warm enough for Nantucket yet. This house looks very inviting!

Photos by Scott Frances

Picasso in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I am going to have to hurry up and get all my work done early so I can sneak over to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and take in the new Picasso (1881-1973) exhibition that opens today. This "landmark exhibition"

Vida Guerra Tattoos

Vida Guerra is a stunningly bodacious Cuban-born American model, known as having one of the most desirable bodies in show business.

Vida Guerra has three visible tattoos on her body, one of which is a small red devil with pitchfork located on the right portion of her lower abdomen.

The lovely model also has a rather small rose tattoo on her right ankle, along with her zodiac sign Pisces tattooed on her inner left wrist.

Vida Guerra tattoo pictures.

Dave Grohl Tattoos

Dave Grohl is a superbly talented American rock musician, known for his success with the rock group Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Them Crooked Vultures.

Dave Grohl has multiple tattoos on his body, mainly on his arms chest and shoulders, including three Led Zeppelin inspired tattoo designs, one of which he tattooed himself, being the three-circle Led Zeppelin IV logo on his arm.

Some of Dave Grohl's other tattoos include, "FF" on the back of his neck which represents his band "Foo Fighters", plus extensive tribal designs on his upper arms and shoulders.

He has quite a few other tattoos, including a tribal design on his chest, plus a few tattoos on his forearms, and a small heart and halo on his left middle finger.
Pictures of Dave Grohl's tattoos.

Dave Grohl tattoos.

Cocktails with The New Traditionalists

I recently had the pleasure of being asked to style a bar for a cocktail party celebrating the new collections of The The New Traditionalists. You might know them better by one of their lines Mason Gray or for their children's furniture line Duc Duc. Luckily there were no children at the party last week! Just lots of fabulous friends and designers like Jonathan Rosen, Harry Heissmann, Kevin Isbell, Nick Olsen, Ron Marvin, Bruce Shostak, and Laurie Reynolds who is now working with Bruce!

Since I live uptown and The New Traditionalists showroom is in Soho, I tried to use as many accessories they had on site as possible. This is something that I often so at my client's homes so it actually worked out well.

All of the furniture names are actually numbers that are meaningful to the company. The credenza that I used for my bar/entry table is Credenza No. Two Twenty Five. Not sure if you can tell by the photo but the gray finish was applied over a dark blue finish that can be seen around all the edges. It looked really beautiful in person and perfectly complemented my blue and orange color scheme. You can only see a glimpse of one of their chairs in this photo but you should definitely check out their upholstered pieces. The applied leather trimmings and details are like nothing I've ever seen!

The accessories did include a few pieces from my own apartment including my gold boxes, Eiffel Tower, candle and monogrammed match boxes. I also don't advocate smoking but the multi-colored Nat Sherman cigarettes in the silver cup were a nod to A Single Man and added more color.

While my styling project was like something I would do in a client's home, it couldn't compare with the work of real stylist Frances Bailey! She styled the Armoire No. Five Sixty Four with an orange lacquered interior that I loved! You can have the interiors lacquered any color and it's a fun surprise to find when you open a door or drawer!

I love the Domino magazine quality to the styling of this bar by Frances. I definitely think I need to have her give me some lessons!

Brady Wilcox the Chief Creative Officer of The New Traditionalists styled this simple bar on the Dresser No. Nine. I love how the white lacquer drawer fronts look with the darker wood finish. You can play with the color combinations to your heart's content! The furniture is all made American as well!

Monogrammed cocktail napkins are a nice touch to any home bar! I think that might also be a vintage trophy that was used as an ice bucket!

I owe a big thanks to The New Traditionalists team of David Harris, Rebby Gregg, Phillip Erdoes, and Brady Wilcox for allowing me to be a part of their special night. I can also confirm that a good time was had by all! Cheers!