There goes my diet!

I just started working on a project that is a hop, skip and a jump from Billy’s Bakery on Ninth Avenue. Needless to say, I picked up a delicious treat for myself after my walk though today. I can already tell that it's going to take a lot of will power not to go there every time I visit the job site! The cupcakes are delicious and the cakes are as pretty as they are yummy! I can also personally vouch for the pumpkin square. Billy's Bakery would also make a great place to pick up some sweets for your Valentine next month. Or you could just treat yourself! You're worth it! Bon Weekend!

Peter Andre Tattoos

Peter Andre is a great singer, songwriter and presenter who has been in show business for over two decades and going strong.

Peter Andre currently has five tattoos on his body, including the initials T, J and H, for his three children, located on his left shoulder along with an armband tattoo around his left bicep.

On his left bicep is a rather large tribal design of various hooks and curves.

He has the name of his ex wife "Katie" (price) tattooed on his left ring finger.

Peter Andre also has the biblical ten commandments on his lower back. (Not pictured)

Mr. Crown

The dune buggy photos of Jude Law in the Dunhill advertising made me think of The Thomas Crown Affair. Not the 1999 remake with Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo, although I like that one too, but the 1968 original version that starred Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. While most of Faye's costumes and hairstyles look pretty dated, Steve McQueen and his handsome bespoke suits still look fabulous today. The same can't be said of the short shorts he's sporting above but I'll let those slide since I don't mind looking at his legs! I first saw this film when I lived in Beacon Hill in Boston and I used to love walking by Thomas Crown's house at 85 Mt. Vernon Street. The interiors were shot on a sound stage but also surprisingly don't look that dated either. Wish the same could be said of today's movies!

Photos from Google

Sophie Anderton Tattoos

Sophie Anderton is a beautiful English model, but perhaps best recognized on various reality television shows.

Sophie Anderton only has one tattoo, but its a very large design which stems all the way down her back.

The tattoo starts at her lower back with a flaming lotus flower, with tiny flames trailing up her spine to the top of her back where its meets a bird, known as the "bird of paradise".

I'm not 100% sure if the marking on her back are supposed to be flames or perhaps something falling from the bird. Some feedback on her tattoos would be helpful.

Gillian Anderson Tattoos

Gillian Anderson is a tremendous Emmy and Golden Globe award winning actress, known for her role as Dana Scully on the smash hit television show, The X-Files.

Gillian Anderson has two tattoo designs which i am aware of, including two small tribal turtles on the inside of her right ankle, they are a sacred symbol from a native group on the island of Tahiti, which is where she had the tattoo done.

She also has a tattoo on her right wrist, of the Sanskrit symbol for "every day".

Gillian was quoted as say "It was painful, it felt like I was at the dentist and they were drilling into my bone".

More Chic Advertising

Looks like chic advertising isn't just for the girls. Dunhill snapped British actor Jude Law for their Spring/Summer 2009 advertising campaign. So it's a year old, I still have boys on the brain from yesterday's post and who doesn't enjoy a little man candy on a Monday morning! I'd much rather look at him than all those emails that are piled up from the weekend!

Photos via SwipeLife

Anastacia Tattoos

Anastacia is a lovely accomplished American singer-songwriter, who has achieved tremendous international success, however she has never reached the superstar status in the United States.

Anastacia has three tattoos on her body, two of which contain a religious sentiment of sorts.

She has a large pair of beautiful angel wings with an interesting tribal design, on her back between her two shoulder blades.

On her lower back is a tattoo of the sun, with an Egyptian ankh in the center, which is meant to represent eternal life.

Anastacia's most recent tattoo is on the back of her neck, its a colorful circle with her initials "AWN".

Amerie Tattoo

Amerie is a lovely Grammy nominated American singer, songwriter and producer, known for her smash hit album, "Touch" which was released in 2005.

Amerie has one tattoo design on her body, and its located in the center of her lower back.

The tattoo is of her name "Amerie", and is written in Korean script.

She has been quoted as saying "I knew my parents wouldn't like it, but I wanted to try something different, and a tattoo was totally out of my character."

Better Late than Never!

One of my absolute favorite rooms at the Traditional Home Hampton Designer Showhouse last summer was the masculine bedroom suite designed by Bradley Thiergartner Interiors that I never actually posted! Sometimes as a blogger you get sidetracked or another event happens soon after one you are covering or you have paying clients that require your attention! So I'm going back through my files to bring you some of stories that I never got to post. Hope you enjoy them!

When I first heard the name Bradley Thiergartner I thought it was one person but the firm is actually made up of Benjamin Bradley and David Thiergartner. They describer their style as Tailored Traditional and that could also describe their room at the Hampton Designer Showhouse.

Clearly the man who inspired the room design is a world traveler who's collected items from around the globe including globes!

The room was filled with great art that was hung in unexpected places like beside the bedside table.

There are certain pieces in the space like the zebra on the wall and animal print pillow that add that feeling that the room has traveled to Africa and make me think of Hemingway.

The gallery wall mixes styles and mediums to reflect a very personal collection of art.

One of the things that I really loved about the room was the great attention to detail. I appreciate when designers of Show House rooms take the time to add in items that are used by the mysterious owner like the Mrs. John L. Strong stationery and pencils seen on the desk.

Wouldn't you love sitting at the desk writing letters while you gazed at the beautiful landscape painting hung at sitting eye level?!

The seating area at the end of the bed works for reading a book or watching the television that is housed in the shelving across from it. I also love that the two chairs don't match and the casual feeling of the straw trunk.

Yes, we all know that smoking is bad but I am sure the world traveler who owns this room doesn't care. The carefully places cigar and ashtray make it feel like he just stepped out of the room!

I loved the little Chinoiserie box sitting on the trunk and when I took a closer look, I realized that it held little treasures such as a bunny and a love note! Not sure if this was taken from one of the designer's homes directly with the contents or if was created purposely for the room but again, the little details were what made me fall in love with this room!

Not sure if you can tell in this photo but the chair has a wonderful ring and ribbon trim from Samuel & Sons. You can also see how the beautiful antique rug sits over a sisal rug from Stark.

I also loved the contrast of the warm wood and metal on the shelving unit with the ticking stripe covering. The rope and wall that it rolls up reminds me of a tent and how the owner probably stayed in tents during his travels around the world.

Many of the objects displayed look like they could have picked up around the world as well!

And what man's room could be complete without a bar, even if it consists of whiskey and Coca-Cola!

Even the vintage metal hand weights are a perfect touch!

Bradley Thiergartner also designed the small adjoining bathroom which was an added bonus!

The warm slate grey color warms up the white bathroom and continues the masculine feel.

The natural elements also relate back to the natural elements in the bedroom.

There is nothing I love more than hanging art in bathrooms. Of course, you need a good fan and even then, you may not want to hang anything too expensive that will get ruined by the steam!

The lamp cords on the sink make me a little nervous but the lighting here look much chicer than your standard chrome or nickel fixtures! Even the shower stall was accessories perfectly! I really loved this room and as I mentioned, all the thoughtful details that really do make it seem like a real person lives in this room and it wasn't just another show house room!

Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic