Living with Art: Part Deux Update

I love it when people I've profiled email me or leave comments. They always add that missing element that makes the story so much more interesting. So I was very excited to receive the following comment regarding my profile of Marc Jacobs' Paris home that was featured in the November 2007 issue of W magazine. I hope you enjoy it too!

"I am the women in the sitting room photo. I'm Marc's personal chef. The photographer, Philip-Lorca DiCorcia decided he wanted me in one of the photos. Marc asked me if I wouldn't mind being in one of the photos with him while I was serving them all lunch on the terrace. It was an offer I couldn't refuse!! We just improvised...the make-up artist didn't even have 'women's make-up' because he thought he was only doing Marc. That's him, by the way(the make-up artist), under the covers, speaking of improvisation!!"

The Marc Jacobs story was a bit of a fantasy and not a regular home feature so it's even more fun to hear the behind the scenes shenanigans! I was also wondering who was under the covers and now the mystery has been solved!

D.L. & Co. - Modern Alchemists and Purveyors of Curious Goods

There are creative types and then their are creative types that take things to a whole other level. Such is the case with Douglas Little, owner of D.L. & Co., which touts itself as Modern Alchemists and Purveyors of Curious Goods. That's putting it mildly. And what better time of year to profile Mr. Little and his fabulous company than at Halloween!

My first introduction to Douglas Little was through his original signature line of candles. They smelled like nothing I'd ever encountered before and had names that sounded slightly sinister like Thorn Apple, my favorite. I love it so much that I keep hoping he will turn it into a perfume. He already has a line of stationery and other objects and curiosities so I feel like it might be a possibility soon. Fingers crossed!

Last year, House and Garden featured Douglas Little's designs in a spooky spread in the November issue of the magazine entitled Gothic Splendor, and he also recreated the haunting images for the Fifth Avenue windows at Bergdorf Goodman. The following images are so stunning and visually intricate. I love them. You can also check out the Bergdorf windows and the process behind creating them on the D.L. & Co. website under Press.

Douglas Little's creativity and attention to detail continues to astound me. I feel like I never know what he's going to dream up next but I know it will be something fantastic, like the Mori Ex Cacao (Death by Chocolate) collection he collaborated on with Valerie Confections. The perfect Halloween treat to scare your sweet! BOO!

Chic Designer: Antonia Hutt

I realized recently that I haven't been focusing on interiors as much so I thought it was about time I profiled the home of one of my favorite interior designers, Antonia Hutt. Or at least what her L.A. home looked like in May 2001 House Beautiful magazine. I've held onto the tear sheets for years because I loved her use of color. It's funny that Antonia Hutt claims not to have a favorite color since her home is filled with orange and my home contains not much orange at all even though it is my favorite color.

It seems like nowadays, everyone has a Saarinen table and matching chairs but what really makes this set special is the blue leather cushions. I think the color is really beautiful against the white in her breakfast room. The Tommy Parzinger coffee set isn't too shabby either. And the "painting" is actually a rubbing of the tombstone of a medieval Scottish knight. How unique is that?!

I'm sure most people would never dare pair purple and orange but in the right tones, it's very complimentary. I also love how she placed the sofas back to back which actually make the columns part of the design instead of an inconvenience.

I love the painting Tangerine by Ray Richardson above the fireplace, one of the first Antonia Hutt ever bought, is a wonderful focal point and another use of orange.

The orange plastic on the 1960's dining room chairs is yet another pop of orange and compliments the blue banquette. The photograph of what first appears to be a tree in winter is actually a photograph of a building being demolished and is another unique piece of art in the home.

Antonia says the cream lacquered buffet by Tommy Parzinger reminds her of a Chanel handbag and is the perfect base for the 1970's aluminum lamps with orange shades. The tall mirror is a great vertical accent. If you notice, a lot of the art is tall and vertical and draws your eye upward. Even the shades in the bedroom below are another example.

I don't love the custom coral coverlet and shames on the bed. It's just not my style but other than that, I could move in tomorrow and be very happy. And that's my idea of great design. And what could be better than an orange filled home right before Halloween?!

Photos by John Coolidge

Femininas Flores

As flores ainda estão entre os temas mais procurados pelas mulheres nos estúdios de tatuagens. Rosas, orquídeas, margaridas e flor de lótus, estão entre as mais procuradas. Por vezes são acompanhadas por aves borboletas ou um simples tribal.

Verslag Tattoo Convention Amsterdam

Imagens da Convenção Internacional de Amsterdam a Verslag Tattoo Convention.

Top 10 - Body Mod

Confira o Top 10 de modificações corporais, segundo o site Russo Rambler Planeta. Uma lista de modificações corporais extremas, recordes e muita personalidade.

10. Leopard Man (Тom leppard)

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Studio Emilio Tattoo

O Studio Emilio Tattoo conta com uma estrutura aprovada pela Vigilância Sanitária em ambiente confortável e diferenciado.

Trabalhamos com Profissionais preparados para atender e desenvolver todos os tipos de desenhos. Se você tem ou pensa em fazer uma tatuagem mande uma mensagem para gente no e-mail:

O studio está localizado na Rua Clélia, 1250 – Com estacionamento no local.
Nosso telefone é 11 3476-8376.

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