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The Bachelor Pad: C'est Fini

Now I remember why I only host one party a year. It's exhausting and it's never quite as much fun as being just a guest. I spent all day Friday running around and preparing and most of Saturday too. And then little things kept going wrong like my Blackberry stopped receiving emails and my computer decided to not recognize anything I plugged into the USB port. Weird timing. Luckily, I had made a party playlist on my iPod earlier in the week but I was unable to save the changes I made on Saturday. Of course, all the sudden it's working now. Even weirder.

It also happened to rain Saturday night. A few people cancelled but all in all it turned out to be a fun party. I thought we were going to have too much food but some girls who showed up ended up chowing down. I did order too much wine but that will definitely not go to waste.

A big thanks to my friend Tara who came over early with me to set everything up and wrapped more figs in prosciutto than she would have liked. More thanks to those who braved the rain including Eddie and Jaithan, Ron Marvin and Alejandro, Hollister and Porter Hovey, Michelle Adams and my colleague Kristen. My friend Kelly, who works with Carleton Varney, was too sweet and brought me a copy of Decorating is Fun! which I actually don't own and am excited to read! (I joked that I am going to write my own version entitled, Decorating is Exhausting!) I also made a new friend at the party, artist Lesny JN Felix who invited me on a tour of his studio. We also discussed a few other joint projects so check back later.

The candles in this photo look like they are coming out of the wine bottles but I assure you that they are not! I had a good laugh when Eddie knew that the ceramic beverage container was from Tar-jay! He has a few himself! We also found out that our birthdays are two days apart! Can you say joint birthday party?!

This is how the dining area looked the next day after I cleaned. (Did I mention that I went over and cleaned while the bachelor was out golfing?!) His step mother hates the table but he already had it and we didn't exactly have a huge budget. Sometimes I think it's fun to work with what a person already has than going out and buying everything new.

Someone mentioned last week that the television area didn't look finished and that's because it wasn't. There is also a lot going on next to it with the seating area so I think it's fine that it's not too over accessorized. Plus, it would distract you while you were trying to watch TV. I would have liked to have bought an area rug for under the dining table but as I mentioned previously, the bachelor works on Wall Street and so some finishing touches were put on hold. (The caterer and wait staff I also dreamed about for the party were also put on hold!) I also just painted out the existing dining area light fixture shades and took off the finials to save money. It would have been too expensive to have an electrician to come in and move the electrical box and install a new fixture. It's also a rental so it just made more sense to leave it since the bachelor probably wouldn't have had someone take the new one down before he moved anyway. Someone at the party actually said they liked it too which made me laugh. If they only new what it looked like before!

The new chairs add much needed additional seating and are also much better than what he originally had there (see the before photos here). One of his friends thanked me for the improvement since he has a nicer place to hang out too!

As you might remember the sofa is a C&B Italia from 1973 (before the changed the name to B&B Italia) and the Italian glass and chrome coffee table is also from the 1970's and was designed by Giancarlo Frattini for Cassina. Both were from his step mother and are selling for crazy prices on 1stdibs. The bachelor bought the rug himself last year and it actually worked with the color scheme of browns and oranges.

I can't find the other photo of the bed but you do get a look at the Ralph Lauren dresser that we splurged on. Everyone who saw it fell in love with it. You can't tell here but the wood looks like it's part of an expensive yacht and the pulls are leather and silver. There is supposed to be a small flat screen tv sitting on it but someone hasn't gotten around to buying it which is why the art is hung the way that it is on the wall. By the way, can you tell which painting was bought on ebay for $60 and which one was bought at Flair for $1500???

All in all, it was a 6 month process from start to almost finish. There are still a few details left that need attending to but they might have to wait until things are little more under control financially. I will be forever grateful to my friend for giving me the opportunity to undertake a project all by myself. It was tough and he and I didn't always get along during it. Some people know and others guessed that he and I had at one time dated. It didn't work out but we remained friends. I will admit that I had hoped that the project might bring us closer and result in a happy ending but alas it did not. I may have created the grown up apartment he wanted but someone isn't quite ready to grow up himself. But I do have a great project to add to my portfolio and a lot more time on my hands! C'est fini!


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