Paul Booth em noite de Halloween

Em noite de Halloween, nada melhor do que apreciar os trabalhos de Paul Booth, o mestre da arte negra.

Seus trabalhos obscuros são reconhecidos em todo o planeta, 100 entre 100 tatuadores reconhecem os trabalhos do mestre das tatuagens Black and Gray.

Após algumas tatuagens, ilustrações e pinturas de Paul Booth, você confere uma das poucas entrevistas (em inglês) com o artista. Você conhecerá um pouco do estúdio Last Rites, alguns trabalhos e comentários sobre Tim Kern, Ethan Morgan, Jeremiah Barba, Dan Marshal e Liorcifer, profissionais do estúdio Last Rites.

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Ghostly White

There is something about white pumpkins that I am loving this year which is funny since orange is my favorite color. I bought a few for my apartment and used them to decorate for the party last weekend. The smaller ones are especially cute and will look nice displayed until Thanksgiving. I wish I was as ambitious as Martha Stewart and could carve lacy designs into them but I don't see that ever happening. Bon Weekend!

Witch or Sexy Kitten?

I didn't really love the Sex and the City movie but I did love it when Miranda declared that they only costumes for women were witch or sexy kitten. I'm not dressing up this year. Mostly because I don't feel like going out to a bar and competing for attention with 21 year olds wearing little to no clothing. So tell me what you're dressing up as this year. Maybe it will inspire me for next year! Happy Halloween!

Minha Tattoo 76, Danilo Cabral

Danilo criou e fez sua primeira tatuagem em busca de proteção. Confira as três fotos e história de sua tattoo.

"Opa, meu nome é Danilo tenho 18 anos e essa é minha primeira tattoo, uma mandala de proteção (na batata da perna). Esse desenho fui eu quem criei quando tinha 17 anos e tatuei com 18 as inscrições. Estão em hebraico e significam "ADONAI (senhor meu deus) MAS ME LIVRAI DE TODOS OS MALES AMEM" ainda falta pintar e colocar o simbolo "hom" no centro, mas ficou bem legal!!! Tatuei no Junior do estúdio Rinsing Force que fica na barra funda em São Paulo."

Danilo Cabral

Participe do quadro Minha Tattoo.


Leave it to the chicest woman to put together the chicest book and hold the launch party at the chicest store. Last week, Kelly Klein launched her new book Horse from Rizzoli at the Hermes store and it is seriously the most fabulous book of the season. Even if you haven't ridden a horse in your life, you'll drool over the photos by Bruce Weber, Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz, Robert Mapplethorpe and even Kelly Klein herself who took the beautiful photo above. Enjoy!

Cover photo: Equus Caballus by Wolfgang Ludes

Photographer unknown

Photo by Reinhard Hunger, styling by Chris Himmel

Photo by Yann-Arthus Bertrand

Photo by Peter Llewellyn/PMG Pictures

Photo by Loomis Dean/Time Life Pictures

Photo by Fabio Chizzola

Photog by Fabio Chizzola

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United We Stand

I have always wanted to go on a tour of the United Nations but have just never gotten around to it so when I discovered a book entitled The U.N. Building in my office last Thursday, I was beyond excited. Then I found out that October 24th of every year is United Nations Day. Talk about funny timing! The United Nations looks like a beautifully preserved time capsule of mid-century modernism! I love the fact that no one has ruined it by trying to update it since it looks so perfect just as it is. Now, I am even more determined than ever to go and see it for myself in person but until that happens, I will make due with pouring over the photographs in the book. Enjoy!