Mellow Yellow and Grey

I've been hearing from a lot of readers that they miss hearing about my design projects. I completely understand and will definitely be posting about them again but not until after they are finished. A top design magazine editor just warned me again last week not to post any photos if I hope to get them published. Not sure if that will actually happen but I'd like to at least try so for now, I'm listening to his advice. But from the beginning, my blog has always been an online version of my inspiration board and right now, I'm inspired by grey and yellow. These are just some of the images that are currently the inspiration for a guest room for one of my projects. I especially love the look of yellow draperies. Enjoy!

Canadian House and Home Magazine

Tibi designer Amy Smilovic Living Room by Bruce Shostak

Willem de Kooning

Deborah Needleman's Bedroom

Fawn Galli

Celerie Kembel

Dries van Noten Store in Paris

Steven Gambrel

Will Wick

Elizabeth Peyton

Richard Ginori at Barneys

I didn't make it to The Whitney yesterday but I still saw some fabulous art. It was just in the form of Richard Ginori hand painted china at Barneys. While collection looked fabulous en masse, I could also picture it looking especially bellissimo mixed with Haviland Limoges Lacque de Chine China. And it makes me want to pick up a paint brush! Ciao!

Top Photo: Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic

Jon Bon Jovi Tattoos

Jon Bon Jovi is a great influential American rock musician, songwriter and actor, best known as the lead singer of the band, Bon Jovi.

Jon Bon Jovi has three tattoos on his body including a dragon design on the front side of his left ankle.

On his left shoulder is the famous Superman shield insignia, and on his right shoulder is the skull of a steer/longhorn.

Enjoy these pictures of Jon Bon Jovi's tattoos.

Tracy Bonham Tattoo

Tracy Bonham is a brilliantly gifted American musician who is perhaps best known for her smash hit single entitled "Mother Mother".

Tracy Bonham has a single unknown bracket looking tattoo design which is located on the top of her right wrist.

Orlando Bloom Tattoos

Orlando Bloom is a brilliantly talented and charismatic English actor, best known for his role as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings and as Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy of movies.

Orlando Bloom has two tattoos which we know of including an Elvish design which translates into "The Nine", for the 9 cast members of the fellowship of the ring.

His other tattoo is located on the left side of his lower abdomen and is of a rather small sun.

Orlando has also had numerous fake tattoo designs for movie roles.

Checkout these great pictures of his tattoos.

Yasmine Bleeth Tattoo

Yasmine Bleeth is a stunningly gorgeous American actress who is perhaps best known for her role as Caroline Holden on the television series Baywatch.

Yasmine Bleeth has a single visible tattoo on her body, which is a triangle flower design for "Trinity" located on and around her belly button.

Whitney Biennial

The New York weather has left something to be desired lately and I can't think of any better place to escape to than a museum. I'll admit that sometimes contemporary art leaves me scratching my head but getting out of your comfort zone and the comfort of your own home can be inspiring so I think I am going to check out the Whitney Biennial this weekend. The show runs through May 30, 2010 and only happens every two years so if you miss it now, you'll have to wait a while until you can see it again. Bon Weekend!

Pae White, Smoke Knows, 2009. Cotton and polyester, 114 × 258 in. (289.6 × 655.3 cm). Collection of the artist; courtesy greengrassi, London and 1301PE, Los Angeles. Photograph by Fredrik Nilsen

Melanie Blatt Tattoos

Melanie Blatt is a tremendously talented and beautiful English singer and occasional actress who is best known as a member of the all girls group entitled All Saints.

Melanie Blatt has a couple of tattoos which we know about, including a large dragon which runs vertically down her left side.

She also has a musical stave tattooed on her right shoulder.

Regarding the musical stave tattoo she has said "There are six lines there instead of five, so the notes don't actually mean anything. It will always remind me of how stupid I was when I was 18".

Jolene Blalock Tattoo

Jolene Blalock is a lovely and talented American actress who is perhaps best known for her role as the "Vulcan T'Pol" in television series Star Trek: Enterprise.

Jolene has a single unknown tattoo design on the inner portion of her right forearm, which appears to be two horizontal lines of text.

David Blaine Tattoos

David Blaine is a brilliantly clever American illusionist and endurance artist who is known for his amazing street and close-up magic tricks.

David Blaine has several tattoo designs on his body, including a large crucifixion scene which covers most of his back, the design is a recreation of Salvador Dalí's famous "Christ of Saint John of the Cross" artwork.

The tattoos on his left arm include, a large marshmallow shaped design with a face, along side a tiger.

On his right arm is a pair of eyes and eyebrows, plus some fake tribal designs seen in the picture below.

His other tattoos include, a cherub angel on the left side of his chest, plus a male figure holding a walking stick while scratching his chin, located on the right side of his abdomen, and finally the numbers 174517 on his forearm, which represents the numbers given to Primo Levi at the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.

Robin Black Tattoos

Robin Black is a wild and crazy Canadian glam rock musician and lead singer of the band under the same name, Robin Black.

Robin Black has two extensive sleeve tattoos which both contain tribal designs.

The sleeve tattoo on his right arm contains large black tribal hooks along with a light blue under shade, plus other designs on his lower forearm.

The tattoos on his left arm include more tribal inspired artwork, along with a large rosary with an exceedingly long chain of beads which runs up and down his entire arm.

Robin is also rumored to have his wife's name tattooed on his butt cheek.

Photo by: Dani Dee

Lara Bingle Tattoo

Lara Bingle is a breathtakingly beautiful Australian model who is perhaps best known for her controversial 2006 Australia Tourism advertising campaign.

Lara Bingle has a single tattoo design of the phrase "wish you were here", located on the inner part of her right wrist and is a tribute to her late father, Graham.

Speaking of Anna

That picture of Anna Wintour in the snow had me thinking about her style. She has clearly found what works for her and each outfit is a variation on that theme. She usually wears a suit or a dress that is either slim or has a nipped in waist. Sometimes it's a little sweater and skirt combination. In the summer, she completes the look with a pair of sandals and in the winter, it's always a pair of knee high boots and tights. I don't think anyone does winter as well as Anna. She's dresses for the weather but always remains stylish. Like Tory Burch, she also always looks like herself and even though she has a wardrobe allowance, if you look close, she does wear her clothes more than once. She just accessorizes them differently. I love that she's not afraid of color and pattern as well. She also tops every look with a coat that perfectly complements it. While Anna Wintour and Vogue are usually the one who tell us who the style icons are, I consider her one as well and I'd love to peek inside her closet! I bet it's fabulous!

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