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Portes de Paris: Part Deux

Someone left a comment on my door post that they like to see what lies behind them and I had to laugh. If we saw an open door in Paris, we couldn't resist peeking in and occasionally taking a photo or two. Even the humblest of buildings had beautiful courtyards or interiors. I saw a dirty window on a door in Saint Germain and looked through expecting to see a derelict building or a construction site only to see the pretty little plants above. You just never knew what you would find and that was the best part!

Stefan happened to walk in front of the building I planned to photograph so I made him pose. I just want to mention that I had the Nikon for places like the parks and Versailles but in Paris, I usually just pulled out my small and discreet Canon.

I loved that the interior doors of this slightly dirty building were a pretty blue. It was a lovely surprise.

This building had a very elegant entry to the courtyard.

And a pair of doors along the side were a beautiful shade of pale grey that reminded me of Dior grey.

You have to watch your step in Paris because some of the doors open within a frame. This one is another beautiful shade of blue grey!

The side door inside of the building looks slightly green in this photos but I think it was the same as the outside door. I love the middle door knob too!

I wish I had walked farther into this courtyard but I didn't want to trespass although most of the ones with open doors led to businesses.

I loved the color and detail on this door too!

Of course, the cars tend to ruin the tableau so I was glad that the one in front was cute!

This sweet entrance was on the right in the above courtyard. I wish we had more places that look like this in New York!

I think this entry led to a hotel under the beautiful awning inside but I'm not sure.

I saw this intriguing doorway next to the Flamant on rue de Furstenberg and couldn't help but sneek a closer look.

It led to a very pretty courtyard and...

...the Eugene Delacroix museum! What a really great surprise! We didn't have time to go in but it's definitely going on my list for the next trip!

I wish I had gotten a little closer to this building and courtyard since it has a very famous distinction.

It was the site of Pablo Picasso's studio and where he painted one of his most famous works, Guernica. We also didn't make it to the Picasso museum so that's going on my list for the next trip too!

I loved ivy on this outside gate to an apartment building.

This very chic and manicured little garden was behind a chic shop on rue de Faubourg Saint-Honore or maybe just the rue de Saint-Honore. I always forgot where one ended and the other began!

I really wished I could have seen what was behind this door! That tree makes me think it's definitely something special!


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