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A Chat with Peter Som

A few weeks ago, I saw fashion designer Peter Som entering the D&D Building as I was leaving. Of course my curiosity was piqued. What was he doing there? Was he looking for inspiration for his upcoming fashion show? Was he redecorating his apartment? Luckily, my upholsterer, Matthew Haly, also happens to be Peter's upholsterer as well so he facilitated a little chat before I left for Paris.

Peter Som epitomizes my theory that fashion, art and design are all intertwined. Both of his parents were architects and he earned degrees in art history and art before attending Parsons to study fashion. He agreed that "all design is seamless" and that he has a lot of friends who are architects and interior designers. He actually lives in the same apartment that was featured in the September 2005 issue of Elle Decor but has since spruced up the place and continues to tweak it which was why he was at the D&D Building. Peter said he enjoys the process and has been taking his time so his home "looks more collected" than decorated. He can tell you where every piece cam from and they all make him happy. I hope we get to see the fruits of his apartment labor soon!

We did just get to see the fruits of his fashion labor last week at the presentation for his Spring 2010 collection where he was inspired by the beach and the leisure activities of chic men and women, especially those immortalized by the 1930's French photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue. After researching more about Lartique, I too am now smitten with his photos as well as Peter's resulting designs! I was very excited about the beginning of autumn but now I can't wait for spring! Happy Shopping!

Photos of Peter Som Spring 2010 from Style.com


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