Wet Weekend

There is rain forecasted again for this weekend and I can tell you that New Yorkers have just about had it with the weather. But instead of building an ark and collecting the animals two by two, there are a few other good weekend options that are perfect for escaping the deluge. Just make sure you wear your Wellies!

What could be better than going to the movies when the weather is gross? There are a few good movies that I want to see including Easy Virtue (above). It's based on a Noel Coward play where an American race car driver, played by Jessica Biel, meets the family of her new English husband and as you can guess, trouble naturally ensues. Kristen Scott Thomas and Colin Firth also star so so it's perfect for those who loved Gosford Park and Pride and Prejudice. I might also have to see The Hangover just so I can continue stalking Bradley Cooper this week but I hear it's hysterically funny. I also hear he's been spotted with Jennifer Aniston.again. I guess someone else has been stalking him too!

I was trying to save my visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art for a nice day so I could enjoy the roof but that might have to wait for another day, probably in August at this rate. Museums really are made for rainy days though. You can wonder around for hours viewing everything from mummies to Monet. The new Francis Bacon exhibit is not for the faint of heart or easily offended but I am excited to see his paintings in the retrospective that spans his entire career. Also not to be missed is The Model as Muse exhibit of photography and fashion. Maybe they have some chic rain gear on view.

One of my readers was very upset that they missed the Taschen Warehouse Sale last go round so I'm giving you all a heads up that it's on until Sunday. I stopped by today even though I don't need any new books so I just bought a few city guides. They have some of the VERY expensive books by Walton Ford and Valentino on sale so it's worth the trip. Although you may want to bring along a plastic bag to get your books home dry if you go when it's raining!

Seemed that every store I stopped into today was having a sale on their spring and summer clothes which was kind of funny since it hasn't even been warm enough to wear summer clothes yet! The new Phillip Lim boutique (above) has 40% markdowns going on now so it's too bad that the dress I liked was a little too short. Note to Phillip...can you please make your hemlines a little longer for those of us who live uptown and aren't 19 years old? Thanks! You can always shorten a dress but you can't make it longer!

The shoes in all the fancy stores are also on sale. I got caught by reader trying on a few pairs last week in Bergdorfs. I used to say that I always went out of the house with clean hair and wearing lipstick in case I ran into an old boyfriend but now it's in case someone recognizes me from the blog! The shoes were only marked down 30% which means that $600 shoes become $400 and that's not enough of a discount if you ask me. I also decided not to buy anything since Stefan of Architect Design would kill me if I spent money on shoes that I could be saving for our upcoming trip to Paris. Although, what I really want to buy is a one-way ticket to Ibiza to escape this incessant rain! I feel like I'm living in London! Anyway, stay dry and have a bon weekend!


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