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Habitually Chic Boutique: Etiqueta Negra

I'm in love....with a boutique...and you will be too when you see it! The popular Argentinian brand Etiqueta Negra quietly opened on Lafayette Street this winter without the fanfare that it clearly deserves. The clothing that can be described as classic is made from the finest fabrics and is of the highest quality which makes me think of it as the South American version Brooks Brothers but with definitely more sex appeal! The dark and moody decor may make it appear at first glance to be just for the boys but they also sell beautiful women's clothing and accessories for day and night at a pretty reasonable price point.

Founder Federico Alvarez Castillo and his wife, Paula Cahen D'Anvers, who designs the women's line, are an even more interesting aspect to the story. The polo playing and team owning, classic car driving and collecting creator reminds me a lot of Ralph Lauren as does the lifestyle brand he has created. Federico's love of design also extends beyond fashion to architecture and interior design. He has designed a loft project and polo and country club in Uruguay. Check back later for a look at just one of their personal homes as well!

I'm hoping the Soho store is just the first of many planned for the US. The men here could some sartorial advice from South America!

Photos by Heather Clawson and from Etiqueta Negra


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