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I want to ride my bicycle...

I can't help but think how cute and chic bicycle riders look in New York and Europe. It makes me want to buy a bike but since I live uptown where the traffic is heavier, I'd probably be flattened by a bus or a cab the minute I took off! I'll leave the pedaling to others but will continue to admire their ensembles. Just hope their pant legs don't get caught in the chain!

Wonder how she keeps her hat on!

Love how her dress matches her bike!

Tres chic!

Famke Janssen talks on the phone while cycling!

This girl is beyond chic! Love the wicker basket!

Fashion designer Lela Rose has a custom made tricycle to carry her kids...and dog!

Funny how all the girls wear short dresses while biking!

Only in Italy would a man smoke while riding his bike...and wearing a suit!

Bicycling makes you happy!

The chic pant leg roll to prevent wardrobe a catastrophe!

Even the dog blanket matches his pants!

I wonder if New York will ever initiate a "bicycle transit system" like the Velib in Paris!

Jessica Alba looks chic...and pouty riding a Velib bike in Paris!

If you looking for a chicer bike in Paris, you can stay at Hotel Le Meurice who will provide you with jaunty little ride. Although at their rates, it would be cheaper just to buy your own bicycle!

Even German riders look chic standing next to their bikes!

Of course Blair would have a cute bike!

Sarah Michelle Gellar was even photographed with a cute pink bicycle for Self magazine!

Ellen Page looks very Parisian in her black dress and bike!

If you do decide to buy a bicycle, you want want to make sure it matches your apartment like Chloe Sevigney's since that is likely where you will have to store it! Oh, and make sure you always wear a helmet! Happy cycling!


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