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Fun at Flair

I stopped by Flair tonight to pick up another painting that we bought for the Bachelor Pad and I can't say enough how much I love this store and Jon and George who own it! And Sean who works there! They are so sweet and helpful and such a joy to visit. Every time I am there, something new catches my eye! I would buy everything in it if I could! It's so perfect! You must visit it when you are in Soho but be forewarned, they are closing from August 18th to September 1st. At first, I thought they were taking a page out of their Italian counterpart's handbook and closing for August but they they are actually getting the floors refinished in addition to taking some much deserved time off.

Oh, and to let you in on a little inside scoop, the set designer for Gossip Girl bought some tables for the Van Der Woodsen abode! OMG! I can't wait to watch and try to figure out which ones they are! This is more exciting to me than when they told me about a famous uptown interior designer who stopped by! You know you love it too! XOXO!


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