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What's your sign?

I couldn't post anything last night because my computer was being a bit temperamental which actually wasn't surprising since it was the first day of the current Mercury retrograde cycle. I think a lot of people now know that when Mercury is retrograde, it not only affects communications but computer and technical equipment. So I thought this might be good time to discuss astrology and the stars. I recently had the pleasure of having my personalized charts read my astrologist Aurora Tower.

When I mentioned that I was meeting with an astrologer, reaction was mixed. Some people confessed that they too see someone, like the person who has their chart done every year on their birthday by the same astrologer that Donna Karan sees and others looked at me like I had said I was consulting Dionne Warwick and Psychic Friends Network! On friend announced that only single people read their horoscopes but there is a huge difference between reading your horoscope in the newspaper and having your personalized chart read and there was no better person to consult than Aurora who is young and passionate about astrology. "My goal is really to get more people interested in and educated and excited about it, that it is something that should be fun and people should be less "mystified" by it" she said. She also grew up in Manhattan and now lives part of the year on St. John where she is creating an eco-luxury home that will hopefully be for rent soon! She also has a great blog!

It seems like a lot of creative people are more open to astrology as are people in the East. We had an interesting talk about how the Olympics opening ceremony were planned for an auspicious date and time and that many companies use astrology to conduct business dealings on the best possible days. All in all I loved the charts that Aurora prepared and explained to me. I always wondered why I didn't always feel like an Aries and now I know why! While she didn't give me the exact date I am going to meet my soul mate, she did give me good news about work and traveling and that's good enough for me! By the way, Aurora can be reached at brightstarlights@gmail.com.


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