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Do You DIY?

I've spent the weekend so far hitting Home Depot, Gracious Home and Janovic Plaza for the supplies to makeover my apartment and now I can't wait to get started! I love getting my hands dirty and doing things myself, probably because I'm a perfectionist and an Aries. I also grew up in a house with parents who stripped and hung wallpaper, painted and renovated all by themselves so I know what I'm doing. The Bachelor was amazed that I could repair the hole under the tv myself when all it took was a little spackle, sanding and painting. But then he grew up in Manhattan with maids so that might be why.

Oh, and I choose Benjamin Moore Cedar Key (OC-16) the top left color for my living room walls. It was actually one of the colors I almost chose for the Bachelor Pad. I liked some of the others but they were either too grey or too dark or looked like liquid make-up. The space is small so it needed to be a little lighter. First though, I have to strip the yucky trim. Not really sure I am excited to do that myself but it will be worth it in the end! So how many of you DIY (do it yourself)?


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