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Silk Screen Mirror Furniture

Silk Screen Mirror Furniture from Gervasoni for any room


This sophisticated silk screen mirror furniture range from Gervasoni will brighten any room in the house, as well as providing a handy place to tuck everything away. Known simply as the Gray series, the storage systems feature a strong wooden frame with attractive mirrored doors concealing shelves for storage. The fine webbed pattern of the silk screen mirror is an unusual detail that fits in well to contemporary or transitional interiors. For the wooden frame, you can choose from white or gray stained Oak, or American Walnut. Gray 66 is a single-door unit, Gray 67 has double doors and Gray 69 is a low sideboard with four doors. Appropriate for any room in the home, the Gray furniture range also includes a lovely four-poster style bed: the Gray 81. New from Gervasoni, an Italian home furnishing specialist.






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