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You Know You Love It!

I think maybe by now you've realized that my tastes range from the high brow (auction previews, independent movies, beautiful books) to the very low (US Weekly, Real Housewives, Kid Rock), but I'm not exactly sure where my love of Gossip Girl lies. It seems to straddle the line and I love it! Sure I'm too old to be watching but so are you probably. But they wear clothing more expensive than most adults and they frequent the same hangouts as well so why wouldn't I watch! Monday's episode mentioned Socialista which means that the restaurant that was already impossible to get a reservation for will be even more impossible to get into now. (Thanks Gossip Girl.) The show is my guilty pleasure and if it's yours too, then you'll love the article about it's popularity and appeal in New York Magazine entitled The Genius of Gossip Girl. Apparently, I'm not the only person not in high school who watches the show! Admit it, you know you love it!


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