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I Heart John Derian!

Everyone talks about John Derian's shop in New York but I was wondering how many people have actually been able to visit it in person. Luckily for me and you, John Derian himself was in the shop on Saturday and was gracious enough to allow me to take some photos to share with those of you who haven't yet experienced this amazing shop of curiosities.

I think most people know that John Derian is famous for his decoupage items, including paperweights (above) among other items but the shop is also a treasure trove of vintage art and objects. There is so much to look at that you want to spend all day there browsing and buying.

Much of the front of the shop is dedicated to decoupage items including trays, lamps, bowls, bell jars, paperweights, and coasters, one of which I picked up for my new office desk.

All of the decoupage pieces are made from antique botanical and animal prints, as well as vintage maps and other papers that are reprinted and glued together under glass.

A table of wooden block books by New York based artist, art director, designer, illustrator, and publisher Leanne Shapton.

The extensive collection of glazed terracotta pottery and flatware by Paris based Astier de Villatte made me swoon. I think this might be the start of a new collection for me!

This was one of my favorite vingnettes in the shop. I love the juxtaposition of the vintage portrait and linens. The nice thing about the John Derian shop is that the prices are clearly marked on everything and they are pretty reasonable. Antique shops that don't list prices make me think that they make one up based on how you're dressed when you ask.

Decoupage zebras and fish and fruit. Oh my!

Even more decoupage. It never ends!

Lino prints by Hugo Guinness are exclusive to John Derian and line an entire wall.

Beautiful spring branches.

Beautiful vintage mirror and frames.

A few doors down is the second shop where this hand painted backdrop was hanging.

The second shop carries more linens and John Derian's new furniture collection. A third shop will be open after Memorial Day in Provincetown, MA in part of John's new house more of which can be seen in the new Spring/Summer 2008 issue of Vogue Living.

I told myself before I even stepped into the front door that I had to stick to my budget but of course that was quickly throw out the window once I saw the little glass box filled with vintage watercolors. I fell in love with the first one I saw and so I bought it as a little early birthday present to myself. I also picked up a coaster for my new office, a few postcards, a vintage children's flashcard and a vintage German enamel number 18, also for my birthday.

I hope those of you haven't visited the John Derian shop will make it a point to stop by on your next trip to New York. Just don't try to give yourself a budget for spending! It's useless to try to resist all the pretty treasures, new and old, just waiting to be taken home!


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