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Habitually Chic Nina Griscom

When I was shopping on Lexington this past weekend, I walked past Nina Griscom's fabulous shop. I only go into the store when I'm shopping for clients since it's beyond expensive but it's fun to window shop. Her New York townhouse was featured in House & Garden a few years back and it's worth a revisit. She has impeccable taste and a great eye which she credits to her friend Bill Blass who taught her great lessons on how to collect antiques. I think the thing I like best about her home is that it's not too girly. I find it strong yet soothing. Also, elegant but still welcoming. It's definitely a grown up home and you can see that Mr. Blass taught her well. Her antiques are divine. I would love to own a home and shop as chic as Nina Griscom's someday so I might have to contact her next for some inspirational words of wisdom! I'm sure she's got a lot to share!

UPDATE: For more un-styled photos of Ms. Griscom's fabulous home, check out an in depth interview on New York Social Diary. Thanks to Mitsouko in Toronto for the link. I can't believe I missed it!


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