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Habitually Chic Designer: David Lawrence

There was a considerable buzz in the office yesterday afternoon after an email arrived from a former employee announcing the new website for his interior design studio and it was justified. David Lawrence has a great eye and a very sophisticated design style. He credits his passion for classic and timeless lines to my current firm and it shows.

David Lawrence

For a minute I thought had come out of nowhere but then I recognized the apartment he helped rework for Domino magazine March 2006 cover girl Haylynn Cohen. I always loved that living room!

I really love how David tailors his designs to the space and the type of project. Sometimes what works in a city home isn't the same as what works in the country and it takes a good designer to adapt their style accordingly.

I hope you will check out David Lawrence's designs and website. I really enjoyed his "process" section where he outlines his approach, the specification & ordering phase and the installation process. I think every designer should spell out exactly what is involved when they hire an interior designer.

He's also hiring a design assistant and intern if anyone is looking for a new job!

David Lawrence Studio
20 East 68th Street, #3D
New York, NY 10065


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