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My New Favorite Designer: Darryl Carter

I've seen a little of Washington, DC based interior design Darryl Carter's work before but it's his own Virgina getaway in the new Elle Decor that has me drooling! It passes my "I could move in today and be blissfully happy" test with flying colors. Carter calls his style "new traditional" and has used the phrase for his new book that will be released later this year. I can't wait to see it but until then, I will continue to pour over the photos of this home.

Carter's work is definitely American but also seems to have a Swedish feeling to it with it's white walls and floors and simple elegance. But unlike the Swedish who use paler furnishings, Carter uses black and dark brown to great effect.

The sofa in the living room was designed by Carter and upholstered in oatmeal linen. The warm colors of the fabrics, rugs and wood keep the interior warm and inviting.

A silversmith's table is used as a console in the foyer.

The farm table was actually designed by Carter and is made of reclaimed wood. I love the horn handled carafe and the pale shades of pottery on the built in shelves.

More reclaimed wood becomes shelves in the kitchen while an 18th-century table becomes an island. It's funny that the modern appliances blend in nicely and don't actually look out of place here.

I love the simplicity of the 19th-century portrait above the fireplace.

A painted barn door creates over sized art in the dining room and reminds me of a Steven Klein horse photograph.

The studio is one of my favorite rooms. I love the sculptural quality of the antique gurney and banyan bark partition from Indonesia. I also printed this photo out for inspiration for a client project. They are thinking about installing ceiling fans in their summer house and the dark version here looks like a more interesting alternative to white.

The outside of the studio.

A simple guestroom dressed in duvet and shams of Rogers & Goffigon fabric.

The horn chair looks like something I've seen at Nina Griscom's shop and also looks like sculpture in the simple setting.

Another beautiful guestroom. I bet Darryl Carter has many visitors to his beautiful home every weekend. I know I would inviting myself if I lived in the area.

Carter designed the bed in the master bedroom and created a vanity in the bathroom from an oak demilune table below. All in all, the home looks like a welcome respite from Carter's daily grind in DC. Sometimes it's nice to get away from color and pattern that one encounters at work in the design world and escape to a sea of white and soothing colors. I know I would!

Photos by Simon Upton


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