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Something for the Boys

Since I normally write about girly things, I thought it might be fun to suggest some holiday gift ideas for the men in your life and for the few men who read my blog put on their wish list. You know who you are. But I have to say, I think some of these items are so great that the ladies might want to buy them for themselves. Why should the men get to have all the fun?!

I almost got a hernia when I tried to lift Legends of the Open Road: The History, Technology and Future of Automobile Design off the shelf at Rizzoli. I'm not sure if they made it extra heavy to appeal to men but it's worth the heavy lifting. It is one of the most beautiful and informative automobile coffee table books on the market. Buy it and take your time drooling over the vintage car of your dreams. Just make sure your arm muscles are ready first!

Leica bills their D-Lux 3 Digital Compact Camera as "creative freedom for unforgettable pictures." Leica cameras are old-school, especially the black version, discreet and expensive! Leica has also attained a legendary cult status in the photography world and rightly so. The company finally succumbed to pressure to go digital but this isn't your run of the mill point and shoot digital camera. Leica is the camera for someone who wants to create art instead of just taking photos. You've been warned!

The Jack Spade No Mas Tote Bag is a cheeky gift for the man who has everything and also a warning to those who think they are hip that skulls are so dead. It is also much more interesting and stylish than those awful black computer bags that most men carry. I say No Mas to those as well!

Now this is something that everyone should have in their possession. The Ultimate Hammer Tool from The Container Store includes a hammer, pliers, wedge, scissors, knife, saw, file and Philips head screwdriver and comes in a handy dandy carrying case and only costs $14.99! Now that's what I call the ultimate stocking stuffer!

For the man who loves music and wants to read about what it would have been like to live the ultimate rock and roll life, there is the Complete Clapton CD and Clapton: The Autobiography the latest releases from legendary guitarist Eric Clapton. But if Clapton isn't someones cup of tea, there is always the much appreciated iTunes Gift Card. It's a gift that keeps on giving!

The problem with portable speakers is that there really not that small or portable. Especially to an overpacker like me. These Cardboard Speakers from Muji really are lightweight and collapsible and can be folded away and placed in the included pouch when not in use. They are also a simple and chic way to listen to your favorite tunes away from home.

My biggest pet peeve is men's dress shirts that are big enough to double as a tent. If men had any idea that a slim fitting shirt would also make them look slim, you think they would go for it right? But no such luck. So why not take them to one the best custom shirtmakers in the New York, Seize sur Vingt. They also are one of the only stores to offer made to order cashmere sweaters. He's worth it. And while you're there, pick up a little something for yourself. They have great women's clothes. Because you're worth it too!


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