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New Design Crush!

You've been warned. There is a new design crush in town and you're going to love him and his new book! David Oliver is the is the Design Director of The Paint and Paper Library in London and is master of colour and light. He trained at the National Art School in Sydney he developed an authority for twentieth century art and visual cultures. I had the opportunity to meet David and listen to him speak about his design philosophy and new book Paint and Paper: In Decoration and he really knows his stuff. Oh, and the Aussie accent doesn't hurt either!

Paint and wallpaper are usually the least expensive element in interior design, yet they are often the most difficult to get right. David offers advice on how to simplify the process and overcome what he likes to call “the modern phenomenon of paint analysis paralysis,” with his straightforward and extremely helpful approach in his new book. It's a "how to" book that doesn't look like a "how to" book. The photos are stunning and it really is a beautiful book perfect for giving this holiday season.

David is also well known for his Architectural Colours of paint, a tonal colour by number system for ceilings, cornices, walls and woodwork that will hopefully be sold in the US soon. His wallpaper collection is available through Stark in New York. Definitely check out his website and his new book and I guarantee you'll have a crush on David Oliver too!


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