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Peter Som for Bill Blass

Even though fashion week isn't until February, the designers were presenting their Pre-Fall collections this week in New York. Now, I consider myself to be pretty fashion savvy but even I didn't know about Pre-Fall until recently. These are the clothes that will arrive in the stores at the same time that you are just getting out your summer clothes and starting to sweat. It used to be just a low key affair for buyers and editors but now it's becoming the bellwether for what we will expect to see on the big Fall runways.

One of the best albeit small collections was designed by Peter Som for the house of Bill Blass. I used to think of Bill Blass as "old lady" clothes but not any more. In his inaugural collection, Peter Som continued Mr. Blass' sportswear inspired looks but invigorated them with a more youthful exuberance. Something that had been seriously lacking in recent years.

"My starting point was Mr. Blass' sketchbooks circa 1969-1970. I wanted to update Blass classics with luxury and whimsy," explained Mr. Som. I always loved the simplicity and elegance of some seventies fashions and these are a perfect homage. I wish I could afford to buy the whole collection but I may have to at least save up to buy that plaid coat! It's tres chic!

Photos by Kevin Sturman


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