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Inspiration Board

I have an invitation/inspiration board in my bedroom where I hang up invitations, post cards, and pretty pictures. I never really thought it could be a powerful tool until I read an interesting chapter in that book, The Secret. (I usually don't admit to reading any sort of self help books but my friend mentioned it and so I thought I would dig it out from under my bed where it was hiding and actually give it a shot. You know you have a copy hiding somewhere too.) So anyway, one of the suggestions in the book was to create a Vision Board, where you post "pictures of all the things you want, and pictures of how you want your life to be."

There was a very convincing story from a man who pulled his board out of storage five years later to find out he was living in the exact house he had posted. Creepy coincidence or divine intervention? Not really sure but I thought I might give it a try so I posted my dream Mercedes, some pretty shoes and my favorite house and garden. What do you think? I figure it can't hurt, but if it does work, I might have to take down the picture of Mick Jagger by Andy Warhol and pick a more age appropriate soul mate possibility.

Oh, speaking of soul mates, I do take offense at the Relationship chapter that essentially just preaches the Feng Shui principle that tells you to literally make room in your home for another person. There is definitely not room for two people in my apartment so I sure hope someone out there is making room for me! Otherwise, I may have to move!


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