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Apartment and Photos by François Halard

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I love the photography of François Halard so I was very excited when I opened my February 2008 issue of Vogue to find the most amazing article about his home in Arles, France and his loft in New York, with photography of course by Monsieur Halard. I've posted a few of his New York apartment photos here and I don't think they will ruin anything for you since there are many more in the magazine.

The loft was designed in a former warehouse by his nephew Bastien Halard who is an architect and it's apparent that creativity runs in the family. The new space was designed to look old with a patina of age and to be an extension of his home in Arles. I love the mix of objects including an African mask on the faux plaster mantel above. You can just imagine François Halard collecting amazing souvenirs on his travels to photograph the most beautiful interiors of the world.

In the dining room, the tabletop is placed on two plaster column planters from the thirties and the wood chandelier is copied from the original in Halard's home in Arles. I also love how he mixes modern photography, not all his own, into every room, including the kitchen below.

The article was a wonderful surprise and so interesting to read. Definitely pick up a copy of the new Vogue and I guarantee that you will be just as in awe as I was!


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