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More than 15 Pieces of FLAIR!

I always say that my test of good interior design is if I would want to move in right away but now I can apply that same test to my new favorite store, Flair! It is beyond chic! If I wasn't on a budget for the Bachelor, I would have bought up everything in the store, which is a mix of vintage and new pieces, as well as custom, that meld seamlessly together. It's exactly the aesthetic that I love.

The owners are two former Coach fashion executives, Jon Maroto and George Nunno, who couldn't have been nicer when I stopped in today. Flair actually originated as a group of home furnishings store in Florence and the two men convinced the owners that a Flair shop would be perfect for New York and I'm soooo glad that they did!

I really loved the photographs by Christopher Draghi, an artist living in New York, of statues and horses. Make sure you check out the book of images since not all of them are displayed in the store!

"Against a signature backdrop of black and white, FLAIR presents a unique proposition in home furnishings, decoration and gifts. Rigorously selected European and American vintage furnishings and accessories are seamlessly mixed with our own exclusive designs to create a highly individual style that transcends eras and origins."

While I was there they mentioned that a new container has arrived in New York and new merchandise should be arriving soon!

They should also have an e-commerce site up and running in about a month. I will keep you posted. If you are in New York, you must make time to stop by but just make sure it's not on a Monday, it's the only day they are closed!

Flair Home Collection
88 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013


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