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Decorating is Exhausting!

Habitually Chic is pooped! I spent all weekend shopping for the Bachelor Pad and all of tonight at the apartment checking projects off my list. Things are progressing slowly but surely. I am about to order most of the lamps so hopefully the other pieces of furniture will arrive soon so I have something to put them and all the accessories I purchased over the weekend on! I found a lot of amazing pieces at Calypso Home, which is also having a 40% off sale on some of their furniture. I think I might order a few chairs from them.

For now, I stash all my fabulous purchases in the coat closet to keep them out of harms way. Makes me feel like a wife who hides her bags from Bergdorfs from her husband. Right now, I'm going to go put on a face mask and get ready for an early bedtime because decorating really is exhausting! I promise to post something more interesting tomorrow so definitely check back! Nite nite!


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