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Bachelor Pad Update: Making Progress

We're starting to make some progress on the Bachelor Pad. The painting was finished last week and now we're onto buying furniture. While waiting for some of it to be delivered, I've been keeping busy with little projects including fixing up the bathroom. I bought new towels and accessories, took down a mis-placed towel bar, spackled, painted, hung some art, and generally made the room more visitor friendly.

Half of the time on this project, I feel like the decorator fairy. I come in while Bachelor Boy is at work or golfing and spruce things up and wonder whether he'll notice the changes when he gets home. Meanwhile, realizing that he will have no idea how hard I worked or how exhausting it is to run around all over town looking for white lacquer Jonathan Adler bathroom accessories that are sold out everywhere! The other half of the time, I feel like I'm playing the lead in a Doris Day movie where we're still in the bickering stage. (Bonus points if you can figure out which one!) Makes for some very interesting stories to say the least!

Next up, is ordering a fabulous Ralph Lauren dresser that is a major splurge (even with the 40% designer discount!), figuring out a new dining table option, and finding someone who doesn't charge an arm and a leg to possibly fabricate a built-in looking console along the back wall of the dining area. A decorator's work is never done!


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