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I almost ordered the ridiculously expensive Ralph Lauren dresser today for the Bachelor Pad but I decided that perhaps I should double check again that it will fit through the vestibule and into to the bedroom and more importantly into the freight elevator. Otherwise, we're going to have a very expensive living room console instead.

I did however take the opportunity to inform our showroom rep that since I was going to be ordering such an expensive item that she should finally get me a replacement knob for the Equilibrium lamp that she had yet to find for another client. That lit a fire under her! Of course the knob is now costing $5,000 but at least we're finally getting it!

I won't tell you exactly what piece I am ordering yet but it is part of the Pacific Heights Collection all of which is perfect for a bachelor including the bar above, although that one is a bit too small for him.

I need to start looking for beautiful vintage or vintage-looking bar accessories soon. If anyone has any good sources that are insanely expensive, please let me know. I'm on a budget remember.

I don't love some of the chairs in this collection but that dining table is pretty spectacular. I saw a Milo Baughman version that was similar but now he wants a round table...for better dinner party conversation...I'm not sure who's he's going to get to help him throw these imaginary dinner parties so if he expects me to lend him a hand, he should start by being a little nicer to me.

Love this wardrobe but the chair, not so much. I also love the black and white photography in the silver frames. I'm definitely making a mental note of those for later.

The Equilibrium Lamps are used as bedside lamps in this bedroom, a trend that I wrote about recently that seems to be becoming more and more popular.

I think the bed linens here look pretty bachelor appropriate. I stopped by Schweitzer Linen last week to take a look but everything looked too feminine. I also stopped into Restoration Hardware today for another client and was pretty impressed by their bed linens. I may be going back to pull together some options. They also have a great box spring cover that I was looking for so I immediately ordered one for the bachelor pad. Now if he would just make his bed, we'd be all set!


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