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ingenious lamps And bulbs picturse

These green ideas are truly bright! I didn’t realize being green can be so chic and even quirky. Check out these ingenious lamps I found at Inhabitat.com :

BeachBall Lamps

These beach ball lamps are so much fun to look at!

Egg Crate Lamp

Perfect for an eco-friendly, urban space, the eggcrate lamp.

Light Bulb Lamp

I’ve always wondered what I can do with old, non-functioning light bulbs.

Tupperware lamps

I’ve thrown one too many Tupperware pieces, but the makers of these lamps found a fascinating way to reuse them.

Toilet Plunger Lamp

I hope this lamp is for outdoor use.

Vacuum Lamp

This looks vintage & I love it!

These lamps definitely fascinates me. It takes being green to the next level!


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