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Hillsdale Furniture Beds collections

Great news for furniture shoppers! Hillsdale Furniture beds are now offered at Wholesale Furniture Brokers. We have three tasteful designs added to our growing selection of quality contemporary bedroom furniture. If you have youngsters needing a youth bed, the Westfield Twin Poster Bed is an excellent choice, with its traditional cottage-inspired design. If you’re into a contemporary theme, the Tiburon Bentwood Platform Bed will fit your bedroom design perfectly. If you want to maximize your space, the Tiburon Bentwood Storage Bed provides ample storage room.

Hillsdale Furniture manufactures quality beds, daybeds, and other bedroom furniture pieces. You can be sure that the furniture you’ll be getting are great selections that will durably last through the years.

Westfield Twin Poster Bed

Tiburon Bentwood Platform Bed

Tiburon Bentwood Storage Bed


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