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BERTJAN POT is a legendary dutch designer and in typical excellent dutch design style, he has created these thought invoking and thoroughly cool duct tape carpets. They are pretty visually amazing but also conceptually abstract. The kind of thing that no normal person would ever think of doing, and thats why i love this carpet SO much. And why i love dutch designers.

These pieces encapsulate everything I LOVE about TAPE. Quirkiness, abstract-ivity (is that a word?) and crafty kookiness.

Bertjan Pot created these pieces for Tent London (which is part of London design week) in 2007.

He says " The duct-tape is really molten into the textile so it won’t come off when using it as a carpet". Great point. I was wondering about that.

I really love that the duct tape used on this piece is cut into small strips, not disguising or attempting to transform the tape into anything else. Furthermore, the tape is stuck onto the carpet so it is still performing its main task which is to stick.

It is, arguably one of the best uses of duct tape i can imagine. Damien Hirst, go shove your dots.

If anyone has an old rug like this lying around, please bring it around to my place and you can use my multitude of duct tapes to create this for me for and give it to me for christmas.


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