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Eclectic ADA Sconces pics

If you are a home decorator that seeks more eclectic tastes then ADA sconces from Neidhardt Lighting are worth a cursory glance. Now, when it comes to lighting fixtures within a few seconds you can say to yourself "yes or no" or maybe "never in my home". ADA is going to have that effect. The first model sconce features a satin hairline copper anodized metal finish. The lamp reflector is 23 carat gold leaf creating a unique backdrop. Now the other ADA model is much more conservative, but keeps its contemporary look. This one features a silver anodized metal finish and a light that is nearly encased. An interesting feature on this model is the cutout for the light which is shaped like a light bulb. More information on these eclectic sconces can be found Eclectic ADA Sconce

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