The Louvre

I just attended an event for the Young Patrons group of the American Friends of the Louvre and thought this would make a good time to post some of photos of this amazing museum! Since our hotel was just across the Seine from the Louvre, we often walked past it and even through it as we toured the city. When most people think of the Louvre, I'm sure there first thoughts are about the paintings inside such as the Mona Lisa but the exterior is just as beautiful as the works of art it houses. There are probably also just as many sculptures on the facade as there inside this former palace! My favorite memory is watching a well dressed man ride his bicycle through smaller courtyard. Stefan wondered if the Parisians really appreciated walking through or driving under the Louvre everyday. I don't know if they do but we certainly did! Enjoy!

Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic


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