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Kitchen Cabinets design

I've had a lot of company this past week and a half, but it's been good company! My craft room ah, kitchen cabinets are done. After 10 months of waiting and hiring a second contractor I have a kitchen that really looks like one again. Yea!! This is a view of the kitchen area as you walk in the front door. What? Most kitchen's don't come with a Cuttlebug on the table? If you take a closer look you'll notice it's a craft table not a dining table...
This is a view of where the fun starts! This is opposite the first picture and is my craft area and desk, you can see the reflection of across the room in the mirror. There's that table again too. It's an 8 ft. by 30 in. folding table that was in my Dad's office. I met with the contractor today to see if he'd give me an estimate on building a table that has storage space under it. A girl can dream right?

There are three tall roll outs to hold ink pads, stamps and die cutting supplies. This is where the ink pads live now.

This roll out has all of the acrylic stamps in it...

These roll outs have some of the wood mounted stamps in them. I've discovered that I have tons of Stampin' Up! sets that still need homes. Maybe in the new kitchen table storage?
It feels so good to have this job complete, I'm in kitchen heaven today!


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