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Forcing Spring

It was 65 degrees here Monday in New York and this brief reprieve had me craving spring even more so I decided to force the issue literally. Forcing branches is an easy and pretty inexpensive way to brighten up your home while it's still cold outside. Just cut the ends and arrange the branches in a sturdy vase filled with water and place in a warm spot.

My flowering quince above has not yet bloomed but is getting close. You can place the vase near your radiator to speed up the process like I have but I wouldn't recommend leaving it there. Space is at a premium in my apartment and it's the only place out of the way so there it is staying! Usually forced branches last about two weeks.

I like seeing the branch ends in a clear vase but many other people prefer a more decorative container such as the blue and white Asian vase seen here in House Beautiful. If you have the speace, I always think bigger is better too. It makes a more dramztic statement. If you've ever seen the overflowing vase of cherry blossoms at Rue 57 restaurant in New York, you'll know what I mean!

Steven Gambrel

Apartment of Carlos Souza

Apartment of Jean Greenberg Rohatyn

Kelly Wearstler

I would have gone bigger and fuller here.

Very zen at Josie Natori's New York home

Nate Berkus

Image from Domino Magazine

Home of Valesca Guerrand Hermes

My favorite kitchen designed by Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch of Roman Williams

A beautiful display of forsythia in House Beautiful March 2008

I'm not sure how I feel about the tulips in the same vase as
the forsythia but it's an interesing idea.

Once the weather turns warmer in April, you can
switch out the branches for fragrant lilac!


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