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Give Me Libertine or Give Me Death!

I thought about calling this post Johnson Hartig's All Grown Up and I'll explain why in a minute. As many of you probably know by know, Libertine designers Cindy Greene and Johnson Hartig pictured above are profiled in the September 2007 issue of Domino. But what few of you probably remember is that Johnson Hartig was also profiled in the September 2002 issue of House Beautiful below! I know this because I have the tear sheets to prove it! I thought it would be fun to look back and see how his style has changed in the past five years. I think it definitely looks like he grew up and refined his decorating style while still retaining his penchant for collecting.

Hartig above from five years ago working on his then burgeoning clothing line in the red workroom. Glad to his dog Pocket is still around too!

The photo above is of Hartig's new living room in his house in LA which is dominated by a giant Damien Hirst spin painting. I remember making this type of art when I was little. I might have to ask my parents to find them since they're back in vogue! Hirst was also a recent collaborator on a recent Libertine collection. Hence the skulls as well.
The walls in the new house mostly all white a departure from his previous LA penthouse living room that was full of color above. The new white walls are the perfect blank canvas for his colorful collection of art but also work well with his antiques and modern furniture.

Everything seems cleaner and more streamlined in the new house above as compared to the old penthouse below which was a bit cluttered. An English Regency dresser is flanked by 18th-century chairs and topped off with a Lucite and chrome flea market lamp.

Hartig did keep his British flag motif but instead of a rug like in the old penthouse above, he now has a pillow on the couch. A self professed Anglophile, now mixes his Anglo antiques along side Lucite, modern art and memento mori that all seems to work.

I think it's amusing that the new house has white walls in every room but the bedroom above while the old penthouse had colorful painted walls in every room but the bedroom. I love how his style has changed and evolved and it's so nice to know that the company he was running out of his penthouse is still in business. Libertine has grown up and it looks as if Johnson Hartig has too! Oh, and a line for Target ain't too shabby!

Photos by Paul Costello and Fernando Bengoechea


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