Chinese Pewter

The dining room wallpaper in Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's home from my last post is Chinese Pewter from Roger Arlington.  I was going to use it in one of my projects last year but it ended up not working out.  It's still one of my favorite papers though.  I love the mix of gold and silver and the metallic sheen.  It's no wonder that many designers use it in dining rooms.  The glow from candlelight is probably quite beautiful.  The paper which is handmade in China is reminiscent of “18th century tea paper”, the pewter paper used to line tea chests sent form China.  Below are just some of the ways other designers have used this paper and similar metallic wallpapers.  Enjoy!

Jeffrey Bilhuber

Matthew Patrick Smyth

Barbara Barry

The ceiling in another room of the same restaurant by Barbara Barry.

Tamara Mellon's home in Harper's Bazaar.

Bedroom by Miles Redd.

Entrance by Haynes Roberts.


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