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Modern bedroom furniture

The term “modern bedroom” does not refer to the physical “age” of the room itself. Rather, a “modern bedroom” is one decorated in a manner that parallels modern design values. Generally, this means that for your furnishings to be considered modern bedroom furniture, they have to be indicative of a characteristically modern minimalist aesthetic. To put it simply: For a modern bedroom, less is more. To achieve a truly modern look, you will first need to de-clutter your bedroom.

modern bedroom furniture 2009 Modern Bedroom Furniture: The Aesthetics of Philosophy

Get rid of all those unnecessary trinkets and furnishings that take up space in your room. Your goal is to have a room that is very organized, and delineated by simple straight lines. To that end, you will also want to lose any round, flowery, ornate antique furniture in exchange for some sleek, streamlined, and stylish modern bedroom furniture.

modern leather bedroom 2009 Modern Bedroom Furniture: The Aesthetics of Philosophy

Many modern bedrooms tend to go with a high contrast color scheme. This often manifests itself in lightly colored (but often monotone) walls and dark wood or black furniture. Sleek black platform beds with pure white sheets, for example, are visually stunning and dramatic. But just because these furnishings are subtly designed does not mean that their presence is subtle. In fact, modern bedroom furniture is often placed very prominently in a modern bedroom to give the décor some extra pop.

modern furniture bedroom 2009 Modern Bedroom Furniture: The Aesthetics of Philosophy

Accessories like pillows and lamps should complement your platform beds and other furnishings, but they shouldn’t overwhelm the room. Remember, for a modern bedroom, simple is better. Perhaps embellish your contemporary bed with a single red throw pillow, or put a sleek silver lamp on your nightstand. With a little creativity and a less-is-more mentality, you will be well on your way to having a sophisticated and elegant modern bedroom. For more information go here.

modern bedroom 2009 Modern Bedroom Furniture: The Aesthetics of Philosophy

Moving into a new home is a major treat. You are essentially given a blank canvas to make your own personal space. How you fill it will say a lot about you. This is especially true in the master bedroom. The master bedroom is your space, your world, and people will glean a lot about you when they see it.

Let’s give them something sophisticated to talk about.

A good looking bedroom says this is a person who is in charge, knows style and has good taste. Thankfully, modern bedroom furniture is all over the market these days, due to it’s popularity with celebrities and in the home décor arena. That means you won’t have a problem finding the perfect modern bedroom furniture for your personality.

Selecting the right modern bedroom furniture is going to depend on the amount of space you have in your master bedroom. Usually the master bedroom is the largest room in the house and therefore any modern bedroom furniture will fit, but if you are purchasing an older home, or a less than traditional floor plan, this may not be the case.


Space is very important when putting modern bedroom furniture in a master bedroom as the whole idea of it is that it should have a large amount of space around all of the pieces. This type of furniture is all about being a minimalist. You don’t want so much of it that it crowds the room and leaves you feeling cramped. There should be a very open and inviting feel to the room. Take down basic room measurements so you know what will fit and what will be too tight.

Next, consider colors and materials. Generally, modern bedroom furniture will come in a combination of woods in browns or black, black lacquer, wrought iron or chrome. The feel of it is to be very industrial. This does not mean it isn’t attractive, as much of the it that is on the market is quite stunning. But, modern bedroom furniture is created out of sharp lines, geometric shapes and patterns. If a piece looks soft and country-esque, it’s not modern bedroom furniture.


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