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Home Design Sense - 10 Furniture Decorating & Buying Tips

Today shopping for furniture is getting harder and harder due to the lack of funds. We have to tighten the proverbial belt and choose wisely when buying. But; that is not so bad, Why? Because if we are tightening so are retailers. They are feeling the squeeze just like us and they want – perhaps need is the word to sell their products. As the products sit on the floor they loose money and can’t make room for newer shipments. This is definitely good for you – the shopper.

The most important thing to have before going shopping is a budget. This will keep you from overspending.

Many stores are having sales and this is the time to take advantage of these to purchase the furniture you need. Of course; don’t be foolish and go out and furnish your whole house (unless you really need to) since his is just the time for getting what you really need. Here are a few tips that may help:

1. If you have a tight budget splurge on a good sofa. This is where most people will be comfortable.

2. Leave room; when purchasing furniture or add more items later.

3. Put items in a room hat are personal and have stories in them to tell your guests.

4. Don’t buy a coffee table – be creative by using and old trunk or bench.

5. Don’t fill a large one with one giant seating area. Make several smaller ones for more intimate arrangements.

6. Antique pieces give a room personality…but don’t overdue.

7. Old furniture can be recovered or slip covered to update its look.

8. Have a common color to unite the room and pull everything together.

9. Matching pieces is not always necessary as long as the scale is the same.

10. Monochrome palettes make rooms look larger; so keep this in mind if you have a small room.

Once you find what you are looking for you should “make a deal” with the salesperson. The salesperson just wants to make their commission and many times are allowed to make deals. If not; they will check with their manager to see exactly what they can do to make the sale.

Another way to save money on purchases is to see if the floor model can be purchased. Some stores need to get rid of floor models to make room for new merchandise. Some times the store will forgo the delivery fee to move stock. This can help you save more money if it is offered along with a good sale price. If not; you need to decide if the sale you are offered is within your budget. Remember; you can always go to another store to see what deals they will make.

Be creative when shopping. It is not always necessary to shop in retail stores. You will be surprised the items you can find in garage sales, thrift shops and flea markets today. Many people are looking to make money by selling pieces they don’t really want or need. You have the chance to find the items you want and a great price. Be a smart shopper.


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