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Concrete and Concrete-Stained or Painted Flooring

"Going back to the basics" with a concrete floor can present Eichler homes with a very clean and industrial (yet still cozy) minimalist feel. In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of products available to soften and enhance a concrete floors appearance, including concrete-friendly paints, stains and dyes. Some of the potential disadvantages of concrete floors include its hardness on the feet and knees, as well as its unforgiving nature since anything semi-fragile you drop on it is likely to break. Concrete floors also show cracks and other slab imperfections, however some people feel that this adds to the floors "personality" and uniqueness.

eichler with painted concrete flooring

stained concrete floor in an Eichler

remodeled Eichler with new concrete floors

concrete flooring in the dining room

polished concrete flooring in a Claude Oakland designed Eichler

polished concrete flooring close up


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