Trad Home

It seems that new online magazines are popping up everywhere these days but in this case, a traditional shelter publication is getting in on the act.  Traditional Home has just announced that it will partner with Lonny creators Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline to create Trad Home.  “This is a new gateway to expand the brand,” said Traditional Home editor in chief Ann Maine, while publisher Beth Brenner said the online magazine will reach out to the “next generation of design lovers.” Issues will be published online in May and September 2011, "with work that is completely original from Traditional Home and Lonny, although the latter site will share content on Trad Home and vice versa." 

This is very exciting news.  Often magazines have a back log of projects that might be waiting to appear in the magazine and others that while fabulous, might not be exactly right for publication.  Domino magazine was a great champion of younger designers and their closure has been greatly felt.  I think Trad Home will be a welcome addition to the online world and I can't wait to see the first issue!


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