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Office furniture; It's everywhere. Drive down any commercial street in any city and you'll find it. Watch almost any movie or television shown and you're bound to see office furniture. We are so accustomed to its presence we barely notice it..

Studies reveal that most working adults spend more waking hours in their offices, seated in their offices than they do in their own homes. Office space, then should be as comfortable, functional and reflective of your personal identity as the items you buy for your house. The problem, of course, is that individuals are generally not the ones purchasing the furnishings for the corporate work space. The task of making choices is left to senior management and appointed decision makers, whose primary goal is to accommodate the greatest amount of people in the smallest space for the least cost.

Luckily, there's MAiSPACE, the office furniture manufacturer whose products are designed with you in mind while targeting the needs of the corporate mandates. MAiSPACE, who produces affordable personalized workspaces, is dedicated to delivering high quality products that fits the budget. There is plenty of furniture on the market today. So why MAiSPACE? Because you won't find, a dedication to the user coupled with award-winning technology features and unparalleled design at our price points anywhere else. Great furniture. Great price. It's that simple.

MAiSPACE's primary focus is our furniture systems products. In 1968, the first iteration of the movable office furniture workstation was introduced. The idea spawned a workplace revolution that not only changed the way an office looked but the way people worked. The idea was to have the components -- the partitions and the desks and shelves attached to them -- completely mobile, so that offices could be remade overnight rather than over months. And because of the proximity of shelves to desks, paperwork and other materials were easily accessible, not filed away in cabinets or remote bookcases. MAiSPACE has taken those original concepts and created a beautiful, stackable furniture system. MAiSPACE designs are far removed from Scott Adam's "Dilbert" looking monolithic office cubicle. And with the introduction of beautiful, complementary, free standing wood office furniture, MAiSPACE allows companies to create a visually appealing footprint while meeting the needs of their employees, making them productive and comfortable.

Thinking outside the "box", MAiSPACE's design incorporates flexibility and function to allow workspaces to look attractive while being completely efficient. The ability to stack and de-stack panel segments provides staggered wall heights and removes the boxy feel of most office furniture. With over 15 tile options, including three types of glass, on 3 _ " thick panels, MAiSPACE promotes visibility and privacy, simultaneously. You can get the architectural feel of a substantial office workstation with excellent acoustical properties, without feeling "boxed in."

Systems Furniture

Office furniture systems do serve a purpose. They allow companies to make more efficient use of vertical space and thereby lets them use less square footage which can be very expensive in most commercial real estate markets. By putting books, manuals, files and personal effects above the work surface, businesses are able to save valuable floor space and put more people in a smaller area. However, over zealous facility managers and corporate executives began putting smaller cubicles into thoughtlessly designed block plans in an effort to maximize worker density and save money.


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