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Bachelor Pad Update

Maison 21 just emailed and asked what was new with the Bachelor Pad since I hadn't posted about it lately so I thought I should put together a little update. No, that's not it above. That's the fabulous living room that Billy Baldwin decorated for Mr. and Mrs. Lee Eastman. It was your typical white gallery until Billy got a hold of it and made the walls glossy brown vinyl which makes the Rothko, de Kooning and Kline pop. Can you imagine having such an amazing art collection?! I'm swooning!

Anyway, the Bachelor Pad doesn't look that handsome yet but we're getting there. I posted that photo since the brown walls were a bit of an inspiration for the brown entry walls and accents of orange. Some of the furniture has arrived and looks great and more will be delivered on Friday. The lamps are also being delivered and I can't wait since the bedroom is in some serious need of light. The electrician also finally came and pried off the painted over light switches and replaced them so they not only look better but actually work. Woo hoo!

The artwork I bought from Christopher Filley in Kansas City also arrived today and everything looks just as beautiful as it did when I bought it. I will be dropping off one of the pieces along with some others I bought elsewhere at the framer soon. I also bought some great Asian accessories including marble Buddha heads, brushes and a gorgeous horse head from my favorite dealer on 25th Street. If you're lucky, I might tell you exactly where to find them but maybe not until after I go back for some more things. Their prices can't be beat.

After staying with David Jimenez, I realized that the Bachelor Pad needed some books so I've been ordering art books. You certainly can't decorate a straight man's apartment with decorating and fashion books! I can't wait until more furniture arrives I can style everything. I did actually find one thing that even David hadn't thought of...monogrammed matchboxes! The Bachelor now has burnt orange boxes with his name printed on them on brown font. They really are a ridiculously fabulous extra touch that we both got a kick out of. I like them so much that I may have to order blue ones for the bedroom. But maybe with just his initials on those. I don't want to go too crazy!


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