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Artist in Residence

The only good thing about riding the subway to work in the morning is that it gives me 15 minutes of quiet time to read a magazine. This morning I was reading the July/August 2008 issue of New York Spaces, which surprisingly enough came from the Bachelor. Neither of us have any idea why he receives shelter magazine he didn't subscribe to but he gave it to me to enjoy. Anyway, I feel in love with the room above with it's mix of well worn Louis chairs, modern Mies ottomans and in addition to works of art by the owner, Alexander Vethers. He says, "I surround myself with what I like and never buy what is not necessary. When a piece is old, it has dignity. I don't need to be a perfectionist at all times."

The caption for the photo above mentions how the neoclassical sofa looks sculptural against the sitting room's white walls and floor and I agree. It's simple, beautiful and elegant.

The table in the kitchen came from a Spanish monastery and the blue and white china is from Asia and Germany.

The owner considered his bed too bulky for the bedroom's small dimensions so he opted for a very zen bed on the floor, while his artwork hangs above.

Alexander Vethers also has a studio on the upper floor of the two floors he has in a building that sits between Soho and the Village that was built in 1816 and has high ceilings, tall windows, "elegant moldings", and large rooms. He has furnished the home with pieces from his family home and pieces from Europe but when it comes to his studio, he says, "it is impossible to have a 'decorated' studio." And even "undecorated" it still looks good to me!


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