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Into the Fire

As long as I'm discussing crushes, I should mention that I have a weird crush on Anthony Bourdain. I know you think I'm crazy. He's too old. He drinks too much. He smokes too much. Probably does too many drugs. But he makes me laugh. And isn't that what every woman wants. A man with a sense of humor?! I never laugh so hard as I do when I watch his show, No Reservations, on Bravo. He gets to travel to exotic places and eat his way through the entire trip. Sounds like a dream job to me!

Well, in last night's episode, Into the Fire, Anthony goes back to his old job at Les Halles to see if has what it takes to work the line after eight years away. I think every person who loves to eat out should be required to watch the repeat of this show and see how many people and how much work goes into serving you a meal! It will also make you reconsider ever leaving a less than 20% tip ever again! And I guarantee you'll get a good laugh out of it too!


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