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Animal House

It's funny how you can come across something you've never heard of before and then right after end up seeing it everywhere. Such was the case with the new book by photographer Catherine Ledner Animal House a perfect gift for any design obsessed animal lover!

According to The New York Times, "Catherine Ledner lives with 2 dogs, 2 cats, 11 rabbits and 1 husband in Altadena, Calif. A portraitist and commercial photographer, Ms. Ledner became fascinated by the idea of using wallpaper patterns in animal portraiture, and her new book, “Animal House,” is the result. During her research, she pored over wallpaper books from the 1930s and ’40s, and pulled new samples from the Pacific Design Center. The 47 animals were cast from the pool the local trainers had available. Once she had chosen her matches, Ms. Ledner wallpapered moveable walls in her studio, and invited the animals in."

The fox is my personal favorite and was apparently the shyest, but loosened up the longer he stayed on the set. His paper, from a 1930s pattern, was made for Ms. Ledner by Astek Wallcoverings, a company that can copy any pattern with a repeat.

The deer came twice, once to check out the studio and again for his portrait. “I have a particular fondness for deer,” Ms. Ledner said, “so it was very spiritual” to have him there.

The vulture was shot against a discontinued Cole and Son paper and was a bit timid, moved slowly and responded well to treats according to Ms. Ledner.


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