All in a Day's Work

The photo shoot at the bachelor pad project went exceptionally well thanks to my fabulous photographer Jonathan Ragle! It was of course stressful and exhausting but also a very fun and collaborative process. Jonathan and I worked really well together and since he walked through the apartment yesterday to map out all the shots, we were able to work quickly and efficiently today. If you ever need a photographer for portraits or interiors, Jonathan is your man! He actually took a few portrait shots of me first and after that experience, I will never make fun of America's Next Top Model ever again! It's hard to remember to keep your chin up, look at the camera, square your shoulders, suck in your stomach and smile naturally all at the same time! Thank goodness for retouching!

I owe a big huge thank you to Jonathan who worked tirelessly today, to Laurie Reynolds who not only helped me yesterday but also stopped by before an interview today (I told you she would have no trouble finding a new design job) and ironed bed linens and to my great friend Kelly Reynolds (no relation) who helped me pack up everything at the end of the day! I will definitely be writing a more in depth post later when I am not so tired (I left my apartment at 8:45am and returned home finally at 7:45pm!) but right now I am going to leaf through the new issue of Vogue and go to bed early!

UPDATE: Everyone has been asking when they will see the photos and I wanted to let you know it takes at least a week for post production work and I have to send them to a magazine that expressed interest in seeing them so you may not the full story for a little while. Oh, and I know this will break many hearts but I have to tell you that Jonathan is married. The good ones usually are!


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